Written and directed by Britt Raes
Music by Bram Meindersma
English and Dutch voices: Fien Raes, Karolien Duellaert, Casper Raes, Bram Meindersma and Susanne Edam
French voices: Héloïse Seydoux, Barbara Beretta and Emmanuel Garijo  

Produced by Thuristar
In coproduction with VRT-Ketnet, RTBF, Studio Pupil and La Cabane Productions
With the participation of France télévisions
With the support of the VAF/Film Fund and the Netherlands Film Fund
and the Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government via Scope Invest
This project benefited from a residency at L’Enclume with the support of the SACD and Copie Privée

International sales: Miyu Distribution

In post-production

Luce and the Rock is the second professional short film of Britt Raes (Catherine).


*Special Mention, BERLINALE (Generation KPlus) — Germany, February 2022
*Best Belgian Short Film Award, ANIMA FESTIVAL (National Short Films for a Young Audience) — Belgium, March 2022
*Audience Award, GO SHORT INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Dutch Competition and Special educational program for schools and children) — The Netherlands, April 2022
*Benshi  Award for a Young Audience Film, FESTIVAL NATIONAL DU FILM D’ANIMATION – France, April 2022
*Audience Award, GLAS ANIMATION FESTIVAL (Family competition) – United States, April 2022
*Best Music Award, FESTIVAL DU FILM D’ANIMATION (Professional Short Film Competition) – France, April 2022
*Audience Award, INDIELISBOA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (IndieJunior competition) -Portugal, April 2022



*JEF FESTIVAL (short film competition) — Belgium, February – March 2022
*CINÉCRAN – 20ème RENCONTRES DU CINEMA EUROPÉEN (Out of competition) –France, March-April 2022
*RIGA INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2ANNAS (Children’s program) – Latvia, April 2022
*BRUSSELS SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (National Competition) – Belgium, April 2022
*PLEIN LA BOBINE 2022 (Pico 3+) – France, May 2022
*62nd KRAKOW FILM FESTIVAL (International Short Film Competition) – Poland, Hybrid May 29-June 5 / Online June 3-12 2022
*ANNECY INTERNATIONAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (young audience competition) – France, June 2022
*LA GUARIMBA 2022 (La Grotta dei Piccoli competition category) – Italy, October 2022